Air Conditioning Maintenance Las Vegas

Air Conditioning Maintenance Las Vegas

Annual air conditioning system service is recommended by most manufacturers. Our routine HVAC preventative maintenance and tuneups contractors will identify bigger problems as well as check coolant levels, condenser efficiency, and other performance related areas to keep your Las Vegas air conditioning system in great working order. Before you run your air conditioning in Las Vegas scorching summer months, it’s a good idea to have HVAC service and maintenance performed by a Las Vegas air conditioning expert at Indoor Comfort Services.

One common issue with HVAC systems in Las Vegas is size. Not all homes have the right size central air conditioner unit or the appropriately sized duct work to carry the cooled air throughout the house. Either issue can cause your HVAC system to work too hard, leading to problems down the road. Schedule a check-up for your air conditioner with our air conditioning maintenance service technicians before the hot summer season starts. If there are any problems with your air conditioner, it’s better to find out before the heat becomes unbearable.

Here are some Las Vegas air conditioning maintenance tips to keep in mind while you get ready for summer or look for ways to reduce energy costs this year:

  • AC Filters – Replace your cooling system’s air filters at least once a month when they’re in use. Operating your air conditioner with an old and dirty filter contributes to wasted energy. It can also cause damage to your cooling system. (While you’re at it, check and clean the filters in your home’s air cleaners and humidifiers.)
  • Air Conditioning System Checks – Do a basic check around the actually AC unit outside. Make sure there is no vegetation or other obstacles in the way that may cause your AC unit to overwork. Likewise, check air vents indoors. Make sure no vents are blocked, as this can easily hinder cool air from getting inside your home.
  • When your heating or cooling system first comes on, listen for odd sounds. If you hear anything unusual, get in touch with Indoor Comfort Services so you can head off problems before they become serious.
  • If you install attic fans, they will keep your air conditioner from working too hard. Hot air tends to accumulate in the attic, and this heat can transfer to the rest of your home easily. Attic fans help keep this area’s air circulating and cool, so your air conditioner runs less.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services We Provide in Las Vegas, NV

  • Air Conditioning Filter Maintenance
  • AC Filtration Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning Pump Maintenance
  • AC System Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance
  • A/C Thermostat Maintenance

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